Our Platform

LAPLACE Platform


Platform: industry prospects, standardized management, talent training, growth space, corporate culture


Welfare: social security, paid annual leave, annual promotion, various types of subsidies, various types of welfare, various types of team building


Training: career planning, external learning, internal training, keynote speech, tutor system


Incentives: bonus performance, positive growth, project rewards

Talent Strategy

Talent is the source of enterprise development. The company always regards the introduction, cultivation and management of talents as the first priority of enterprise operation, based on the present and looking at the future.

Manpower introduction

People-oriented, strive to build an excellent corporate culture, provide a high-quality working environment, attract individual talents from home and abroad to join, and carry out extensive cooperation in various research institutes to cultivate an 'ecological chain' of coexistence and coexistence of corporate talents, mutual benefit and win-win, and get their own place.

Talent Education

Using external learning, internal training, expert lectures, mentor system and other methods, cherish every employee, pay attention to the growth and development of employees, and strive to build the best growth path for employees.

Talent management

Advocate the atmosphere of the Laplace family, shape the corporate culture, focus on the working atmosphere, maintain mental health, share the company's development results with employees, grow with the company, and work together to create the future.

Talent Concept

Respect growth achievement motivation

Respect: Provide a platform for officers to start a business, and regard employees as the source of enterprise development.

Growth: Create a harmonious development environment to help employees realize the value of life.

Achievements: Build a sound system and mechanism and constantly improve the career planning of employees.

Incentive: Create an atmosphere of innovation and creativity, and inspire employees to maximize their innovation potential.