About Us
Laplace is committed to leading the development of global high-end manufacturing equipment, advanced tools and composite materials


. Enable renewable energy innovation for a sustainable future


. Become a global leader in photovoltaic equipment and solution

Core Values: Reliability、Value、 Dedication

. Reliability: be a trusted partner to provide reliable products and services

. Value: create value for our customers and partners through continuous innovation and creation

. Dedication: pursue excellency in products and services for customer satisfaction

Standard of behavior
. Dedicated to our duties, the country and the world, and make unremitting efforts for the happiness of yourself and your family
. Keep humility, accumulate up, give meaning to time, pursue a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction
. Keep principles, establish yourself and the Laplace brand
. Do not complain, do not shirk, take the initiative, continue to improve the living and working environment
. Look at big goal, start small, look at the problem at two levels higher, and think at a low level
. Pay attention to details, fabricate competitve products
. Challenge the difficulties, bravely climb the peak, no unexpected, only can't do it

. Plan your own life, plan your own career, work together to create a better future