Low-input high-gain half-chip component technical solution

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Laplace, in addition to high-end equipment and advanced materials, we can also provide you with a complete set of technical solutions, reduce investment in technology research and development, ensure technological leadership, and shorten product market investment time.

Product description

Ø Cut the battery slice in half to reduce the resistance loss of the component

Ø Series and parallel design keep the components close to electrical performance

Ø Or pure series design, component high voltage, low current


Technical index

Ø Component power gain: >2.5%

Ø Slice fragment rate: <0.1%

Ø Yield difference: <0.3%


Program content

Ø Half-chip battery and component design

Ø Modification plan of component production line

Ø Laplace laser scribing machine

Ø Full production process of half-chip components

Solution advantages

Ø Technical solutions and equipment have been adopted by many customers at home and abroad, with a production capacity of >1GW;

Ø Has been used in batch production of conventional single polycrystalline, single polycrystalline PERC and N-type PERT batteries;

Ø Laplace's patented non-destructive split technology ensures low fragmentation and high yield, and guarantees return on investment;

Ø The technical team is based on 2 national thousand people and many senior European and American equipment experts, with strong strength;

Ø The process team has many years of experience in research and development and mass production of domestic and foreign front-line enterprises (top ten in the industry) and research institutes


Laplace's main products include low pressure diffusion (boron diffusion, phosphorus diffusion, oxidation) system (reduced pressure diffusion and oxidation system), low pressure chemical vapor deposition (lowpressure chemical vapor deposition, LPCVD) system, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition ( Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) system, high-precision laser slicer, multi-busbar solar cell soldering machine, and other high-end manufacturing equipment. The company's products are in the domestic leading or international advanced level in technology, performance and application, and some products fill the gap of domestic high-end equipment. With the unique patented technology of the company's products, such as horizontal inserts, low-pressure diffusion/oxidation, non-destructive splits, multiple main grid precision alignment and infrared welding, etc., it can be applied to the mass production of various conventional and high-efficiency battery components.


For more information, please visit www.laplace-tech.cn or email sales@laplace-tech.cn.


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