Double-sided PERC innovation makes Jingao so different

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Before the large-scale promotion of PERC technology, China's photovoltaic technology innovation has not been valued by the outside world. 'Big but not strong' is the evaluation of Chinese photovoltaics by foreign counterparts.

Since 2014, based on 5 years of careful research and development, Jingao Solar has accumulated a lot of money and mass-produced PERC technology. The cell efficiency has been from the initial 20.5% to today’s 21.2%, and the module (60-cell) power has been from the initial 290W to today. The 305W has always led the world in terms of production capacity, shipments, component quality and performance.

The advancement and practicability of PERC technology has aroused widespread attention in the world. Even in the face of other advanced technologies such as American SunpowerIBC technology and Japanese Panasonic HIT technology, they also have strong competitiveness. International counterparts are focusing on China's photovoltaic technology. The backward haze.

Even more gratifying is that PERC technology is naturally suitable for double-sided power generation. Jingao has always paid attention to the construction of core technical capabilities. As early as 2010, it applied for the invention patent of PERC battery 'A method of using local back field to prepare solar cells' and was authorized in 2012. On September 25, 2013, Jingao Solar applied for the invention patent 'A double-sided light-transmissive local aluminum back-field solar cell and its preparation method'. It was authorized by the National Patent Office on March 2, 2016, and announced that Jingao was in PERC. Double-sided power generation has completely independent core intellectual property rights, completing the qualitative leap in the photovoltaic industry from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China'.

Jingao Solar has mass-produced PERC double-sided power generation technology (PERCIUM second-generation module) in the first quarter of 2017. The front of the module maintains the characteristics of high power, and the power of the rear module is 70% of the power of the front module, which meets expectations.

The figure below is the data obtained by Jingao at the empirical venue. The experiment compares the gain of power generation of different types of PERC Bi-PERC modules with different heights from the ground under the same ground background. The results show that: double-sided PERC module compared with single-sided PERC module, the power generation is 8%-16% higher; the height of the module from the ground is 2m compared to 1.5m, and the power generation is 0.5%-1.5% higher. The third-party demonstration of the gain of double-sided power generation is in progress, and Jingao will release it at a timely time.

双面PERC 创新让晶澳如此不同

At the same time, the widely accepted concept in the industry is that the combination of double-sided power generation and single-axis support system can reflect the superposition advantage of 1+1>2. Data show that at different latitudes and longitudes, the flat uniaxial system's power generation is 10%-18% higher, and the oblique uniaxial system is 20%-30% higher. If integrated with the PERC double-sided power generation module, in the flat single-axis system, it is expected to obtain a power generation gain of 18%-34%, and in the inclined single-axis system, it is expected to obtain a power generation gain of 28%-46%. This is undoubtedly a milestone for the significant reduction of photovoltaic power costs.

PERC double-sided power generation technology is in the ascendant. The PERC module is the main product of the national 'photovoltaic leader program'. The PERC double-sided power generation module is expected to become the main product of the 'backing technology application base for photovoltaic power generation'. Good vision.

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