Outdoor empirical data of Zhonglai Optoelectronics N-type double-sided components

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On July 20th, the 'Double-sided module test and certification method and outdoor empirical power generation data sharing seminar' jointly organized by Zhonglai Optoelectronics and TÜV NORD was held in Shanghai. More than one hundred representatives from production and research institutions, component manufacturers, etc. conducted heated and in-depth discussions on key issues such as the actual power generation performance of double-sided battery components outdoors, the long-term power generation capacity of the components outdoors, attenuation and long-term reliability, and obtained many consensus.


Two-sided module testing and certification methods and outdoor demonstration of electricity generation data sharing seminar site

In recent years, with the overall transformation and upgrading of my country's photovoltaic industry and the continuous release of industrial policy dividends, advanced and efficient photovoltaic power generation technologies that meet the 'leader' standard have become increasingly sought after by the market. It is estimated that for every 1 percentage point increase in module conversion efficiency, the cost of photovoltaic power generation can be reduced by more than 6%. Among the many high-efficiency power generation technologies, N-type single-crystal double-sided high-efficiency batteries have become the project's power generation gain gain and promotion due to their excellent double-sided power generation performance, good low-light response and ultra-low photo-induced attenuation rate. One of the effective solutions to reduce the cost of kWh.


▲Liu Yong, general manager of Zhonglai Optoelectronics, gave a live speech

Liu Yong, general manager of Zhonglai Optoelectronics, said: 'In recent years, the rapid development of China's photovoltaic industry, especially the implementation of the leader plan has greatly promoted the accelerated application of advanced technology. At the same time, the focus of downstream power station system vendors has focused on the previous cost of power station construction. It has also gradually shifted to the cost of electricity in power plants, and the key factor in reducing the cost of electricity is to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation. In this regard, Zhonglai has always focused on the development of N-type high-efficiency technology and has certified with TÜV NORD on double-sided high-efficiency battery modules. Testing and outdoor power generation data collection analysis and installation applications have carried out a full range of cooperation.'


▲Hou Baoguo, Project Manager of TÜV NORD Photovoltaic Business Unit, made a live speech

At this data sharing meeting, Hou Baoguo, project manager of TÜV NORD's photovoltaic business unit, pointed out: 'In Ningxia outdoor system applications with a total capacity of about 4KW, N-type double-sided double glass, N-type single glass, P Three types of components such as single-crystal single crystals have been put into operation since March. The power generation of N-type double-sided double-glass KW has a gain of up to 29.1% compared to P-type conventional single-crystal. The power generation gain is up to 19% compared to the P-type conventional single crystal.'


▲Zhu Guixiang, director of Zhonglai Optoelectronics, made a live speech

In addition, Zhu Guixiang, component director of Taizhou Zhonglai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., shared in-depth the many applications of N-type double-sided power generation technology in rooftop power generation and agricultural-light complementary power plant projects and the excellent performance on site. He pointed out that taking the United Nations’ first panda power plant project as an example, since it was connected to the grid on June 30 this year, it can be seen from the actual cumulative power generation data that Zhonglai’s 30 MW N-type double-sided 310W module is comparable to the P-type 295W. For single crystal PERC modules, the N-type PERC has a gain of about 10% higher than the P-type PERC power generation per watt.

In the future, with the launch of the third batch of leader programs, advanced technologies represented by N-type double-sided high efficiency will have greater potential for increasing power generation and reducing electricity costs, and will also become the main choice for super leaders One, to help the rapid and sustainable development of China's photovoltaic industry.

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