The largest N-type double-sided battery project starts in Quzhou

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CNCAO NEWS Recently, in the centralized start-up activity of the forth batch of expanding sufficient investment in great projects in Zhejiang and great projects in the third season of Quzhou, the project of investing double-faced battery of Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Photoelectric officially launched.


Quzhou Green Industrial Agglomeration Area successfully signed the agreement of generally investing 20 billion yuan for the project of Quzhou Photovoltaic Industry Park to construct a production base producing 10GW N-type monocrystal IBC and double-sided solar cells, which would cover the area of 2500 hectors. In prediction, the annual output value could reach 30 billion yuan. It is the largest project of N-typed IBC double-faced battery in the globe.

(Translation: Sun Wuqi)

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