PERC technology will become the new role of "leader"

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A few days ago, the National Energy Administration issued a new construction scale of 86.5GW of photovoltaics from 2017 to 2020, and an annual 8GW photovoltaic 'leader' base.

According to the reporter's understanding, compared with before, the highlights of the 'leader' base are frequent, and the supporting policies are also improving. In order to ensure the stable release of new technology and advanced production capacity, the 'leader' base is divided into two bases for the first time-photovoltaic power generation technology base and photovoltaic power generation technology application support base; meanwhile, the technical standards and components of the 'leader' base There is also a new standard for the decay rate within one year. Among them, the technical indicators of single-poly components must reach 17.8% and 17%, respectively.

Technological progress is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of the industry. The improvement of the 'leader' project is also aimed at improving the domestic photovoltaic industry based on the improvement of the domestic photovoltaic technology, so that the 'leader' base can truly achieve the 'leader' .

Focus on technological progress

Regarding the technical threshold of the new 'leader', industry insiders have stated that whether it is single crystal or polycrystalline, it needs to be equipped with the most mature PERC technology to achieve the standard. In an interview with reporters, Wang Bohua, secretary general of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, said that the industry development trends in 2017 showed that PERC technology and black silicon technology have become the mainstream of the current technological transformation of my country's cell companies, and the automation and intelligent transformation of component links are also accelerating. In the new 'leader' base, PERC deserves to become a new technology.


Cao Bo, vice president of Jingao Solar, said in an interview with reporters that it is difficult to achieve the new 'leader' indicators using traditional processes, and new battery technology or component technology must be superimposed. At present, battery technologies such as PERC and black silicon have matured, and mass production scales are being formed in China. It is foreseeable that enterprises with this advanced technology will be the first to have the strength to receive orders for 'leading runners'.

'According to the new indicators, the power of the 60-cell and 72-cell modules of polycrystalline batteries should reach 280 watts and 335 watts, respectively; the 60-cell and 72-cell modules of monocrystalline 295 watts and 350 watts, all of which require the addition of PERC technology.' Cao Bo said.

High-end production capacity needs to be increased

The PERC technology, which originated in the 1980s, is increasingly favored by the industry. In recent years, the production capacity has also been rapidly expanded. According to Wang Wenjing, a researcher at the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with the expansion of PERC battery production capacity, the market share of conventional batteries will gradually decline. In 2017, the market share of PERC batteries and conventional batteries will be a year of transition. It is expected that by the end of this year, the global PERC battery production capacity will grow to 20GW, and the annual output will be about 14GW. By 2026, PERC batteries may occupy 50% of the domestic market.


After years of rapid development, my country has become a veritable photovoltaic manufacturing country, but it cannot be ignored that high-end production capacity is still insufficient. Therefore, the photovoltaic 'leader' plan also undertakes the important task of leading China's photovoltaic to achieve technological upgrading. Practice has proved that the operating results of the first batch of 'leaders' are in line with expectations, which effectively reduces the cost of photovoltaic power generation, and also effectively promotes the transformation and upgrading of China's photovoltaic industry, laying a solid foundation for the early realization of photovoltaic power generation prices. The introduction of competition mechanisms throughout the photovoltaic industry has reduced costs.

The broad market prospects of PERC technology are attracting more and more companies. According to Energy Trend analyst Ke Zhenyu, in the past, Taiwanese manufacturers had certain advantages in global PERC production capacity. However, after Jingao, many domestic companies have also invested in PERC technology. In the future, China is expected to become the world's largest PERC production and application market.

The first layout of Jingao has become the leader among the 'leaders'

It is understood that Jingao Solar, known for its technological innovation in the industry, obtained the authorization of the PERC battery invention patent as early as 2012, and achieved mass production of PERC modules in 2014. At present, Jingao already has the production capacity of more than 2600 MW single crystal PERC modules and 500 MW polycrystalline PERC modules. It is the earliest and largest enterprise applying PERC technology in my country. In 2016, the State Patent Office granted Jing'ao a completely independent core intellectual property right in PERC double-sided power generation, leading the photovoltaic industry from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China' qualitative leap.

After continuous research and development, Jingao PERC battery efficiency has been increased from the initial 20.5% to 21.2%, and the power of the module (60 cells) has also been increased from the initial 290 watts to 305 watts. In terms of capacity scale, shipments, module quality and Performance always stays ahead. The photovoltaic power station using Jingao PERC modules has an actual power generation exceeding the designed power generation by more than 10%.

Cao Bo introduced that Jingao has taken the lead in the layout of high-performance PERC components, which has achieved its leading position in the 'leader' project. In the first batch of photovoltaic 'leader' projects, Jingao supplied 422 MW modules, accounting for 50% of the entire project, the industry's first shipment, of which high-efficiency PERC modules accounted for about 40%. The scale of the second batch of photovoltaic 'leader' projects totaled 5500 MW, of which the total of 5000 MW of the seven major bases has not been connected to the grid.

Judging from the current statistical data, the signing of Jingao's modules accounted for 22% of the total bids of non-component manufacturers (the component manufacturers won the bidding of the power station is not included), far ahead of other manufacturers, this proportion will further increase with the increase in supply , The proportion of highly efficient PERC components will exceed the first batch of 'leader' projects. Jingao has always focused on manufacturing higher-quality components. The single-sided PERC series of double-sided double glass components, half-chip components, double glass components, single crystal components, polycrystalline series of Runxiu components and Runxiu Plus and other six components are all higher than The technical indicators of the third batch of 'leader' projects.


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