Multiple measures in Pingshan District to promote talent gathering

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Shenzhen Evening News (Reporter Yu Junjie) In order to effectively create a good atmosphere for understanding talent, loving talent, using talent, accommodating talent, and gathering talent, on the afternoon of November 1, Pingshan took the opportunity of the first Shenzhen Talent Day to be held in Shenzhen Talent Park The Pingshan Talent Carnival with the theme of 'Longju Pingshan, Zhihui New City' promotes Pingshan and promotes the gathering of talents.

The layout of the talent carnival activities in Pingshan District is unique and shows the characteristics of Pingshan. The lawn on the first floor is composed of the words 'Chuang Ping Shan·Yuan Yuan Meng' with flowers. At the same time, combined with the architectural characteristics of Qunyinghui, a cloud track model is placed next to the railing on the second floor. 'Idea.


The talent carnival activities in Pingshan District are divided into two parts: 'Creating Pingshan · Sharing Dreams-Academician Sharing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team Display and Exchange Activity' and 'Qualities · Competing and Sailing-Talent Policy Knowledge Competition'. First, Mr. Sun Yongkui, academician of the National Academy of Engineering, talked about the entrepreneurial employment experience and experience in Shenzhen and Pingshan. Then, Guo Jian team of Shenzhen Shengboer Life Science and Technology Company and Lin Jiaji team of Laplace Energy Technology Company carried out innovation and entrepreneurship Project display and communication. The Talent Policy Knowledge Contest consists of three teams of high-level talents in the district, including new energy, biomedicine, and a new generation of information technology. The contest will promote Shenzhen and Pingshan talent policies through the contest.


Pingshan District strives to promote the gathering of talents through various measures to create a high ground for talents. Since the beginning of this year, the district has accelerated the formulation of a comparative advantage 'Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Priority of Talent Development and Creating the 'Longju Pingshan' Talent Heights' and its supporting documents, and strives to form a district-wide '1+N' talent policy system .

Pingshan speeds up the construction of the Shenzhen National High-tech Zone Pingshan Park around the three bases of the National New Energy (Automotive) Industrial Base, National Bioindustry Base and Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Base; cooperates with Beijing Institute of Technology to promote the national engineering laboratory for electric vehicles to Pingshan, Gather regeneration engineering and translational medicine (Shenzhen) Research Institute, Guangdong Medical Device Quality Inspection Institute Pingshan Inspection Center and other carrier platforms to promote the introduction of high-end industrial talents; by holding the 'Innovation Development Conference' 'Cambridge University Chinese Students Association Pingshan Exchange Activities, such as 'China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition International Competition' and other activities, create a talent activity brand, use activities to gather talents, and recruit talents.

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