Laplace laser splitting machine promotes mass production of L company's N-type high-efficiency doubl

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In July 2017, Company L achieved the first mass production of N-type high-efficiency double-glass double-sided half-cut high-efficiency modules in the photovoltaic field. A number of LS-01B laser splitters from Laplace have been successfully put into use at Company L, with the excellent results of an average fragment rate of far less than 0.1% to help customers new high-efficiency double glass double-sided half-cut components Mass production.


Laplace laser splitter successfully obtained L in December 2016 with advantages of fragmentation rate <0.1%, single production capacity> 1600 pieces/hour, ultra-low stress damage, precise half-cutting precision, compact structure, etc. The company's purchase orders, and installation and commissioning were completed in June 2017. With the strong support and cooperation of customers, mass production was achieved within 1 month and the production was successfully achieved.

This excellent result is affirmation of Laplacian high-end equipment, affirmation of Laplacian technology research and development capabilities, affirmation of after-sales support and services, and more affirmation of the entire company.

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