Pingshan District made a wonderful appearance at the 2017 China Overseas Talent Exchange Conference

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From December 20 to 21, Pingshan District organized a delegation to participate in the China Overseas Talent Exchange Conference and the 19th Guangzhou Science and Technology Exchange Conference for Chinese Overseas Students. Pingshan District meticulously created a 100m2 'Longju Pingshan Zhihui New City' theme exhibition area. It was the first time to make an outstanding appearance at the national-level talent exchange conference as an administrative district. In the center of the Pingshan exhibition area is a magnificent and passionate image propaganda film, which shows the good location advantages of Pingshan District, convenient transportation, beautiful ecological environment and a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. The top ten panels in the infield centered on the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship carrier construction, talent policy, and stay-at-large enterprises. The development status highlights the achievements made by Pingshan District in humanities and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and talent recruitment, attracting many overseas talents to stop and watch.


As the representatives of enterprises in the new energy, new materials, biomedicine and other industries in the jurisdiction, Inmeida Medical Technology Company, Shentu Medical Imaging Equipment Company, Prekin (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Company, Libang Precision Instrument Co., Ltd., Laplace Five energy technology companies were invited to participate and participated in a series of activities such as corporate promotion, project negotiation, returnees innovation and entrepreneurship seminar, and overseas talent video recruitment. Pingshan District’s “Pingshan District Human Resource Policy Collection” compiled by Pingshan District systematically introduces Pingshan’s innovation and entrepreneurship policy environment and development prospects, including high-level talent policies, overseas returnees policy, and innovation and entrepreneurship talent policies. Has been highly concerned and widely welcomed by overseas talents. During the exhibition, the Pingshan exhibition area attracted nearly 300 overseas talents to visit the delegation. The delegation approached 20 overseas talents (80% doctors) who have entrepreneurial projects and are willing to settle in Pingshan. The project covers biomedicine, new materials, finance Technology, intelligent manufacturing and other industrial fields.

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