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LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

  Address: No.1, Jikang Road, Kengzi, Pingshan District, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Pingshan Station

TransportationAbout timeTraffic distanceWalking distance
 1Car-hailing/taxi: take a roadside ride after exiting Shenzhen Pingshan Station and navigate directly to LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 15 minutes  7km
2Best bus route: M427 Road, get on at Pingshan Railway Station Bus Terminal, get off at Kengzi Central Primary School Station, then walk 490m to LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.30 minutes  6.9km

Shenzhen North Station

TransportationAbout timeTraffic distanceWalking distance

Online car/taxi, go to West Square of Shenzhen North Station, and navigate to LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

 50 minutes  47km

Bus: e22 Road, get off at the bus station of Shenzhen North Station Transportation Hub, get off at Kengzi Center Kindergarten, then walk 

490m to LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

 2 hours  50km

Shenzhen East Railway Station

TransportationAbout timeTraffic distanceWalking distance

Online car/taxi: get out of Shenzhen East Railway Station East Square or West Square, take a taxi, and directly navigate to LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

1hours  39km
2Best bus route: After getting out of the station, walk to Shenzhen East Railway Station and get off at East Square Station, get off at Lanjing Jikang Intersection Station, and walk 220m to LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.  1 hour and 40 minutes  39km

Shenzhen Baoan Airport

TransportationAbout timeTraffic distanceWalking distance
  1Take a taxi online, after leaving the station, walk to the west platform station of the airport ground transportation center, and directly navigate to LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.  1 hour and 20 minutes  75km
2Best bus route: Airport bus 330 line d, walk out and walk to the airport ground transportation center west platform station, get off at Pingshan City Terminal Station, take a taxi directly to Shenzhen Labupras Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Or transfer to M295 to get off at Lanjingjikang intersection, walk 220m to LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.  About 2 hours  79km


TransportationAbout timeTraffic distanceWalking distance
  1Shenhai Expressway exits from the direction of Hangzi and Pingshan at exit 2845, along the east of Danzida Avenue-North of Lanjing Road-Jikang Road, and arrives at LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.6 minutes  3km
2Changshen Expressway: take the expressway at the exit of 3625 Pingdi and Kengzi-Fudigang toll expressway, along Pingzi Road-Longxing North Road-Guangzu North Road-Hengping Road-Jikang Road, to LAPLACE Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd.20 minutes  6km