Quality director

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the establishment, maintenance and optimization of the company's product quality management system;

2. Responsible for product review, incoming inspection, finished product verification and process supervision;

3. Responsible for handling customer complaints, cooperating with the marketing department to collect user opinions, and registering and processing the collected information;

4. Responsible for referring to the suggestions of the technical department, formulating, reviewing and verifying the test methods in the product technical standards;

5. Assist the supply chain in counseling and auditing suppliers to improve the quality of materials;

6. Provide quality management technology and quality engineering technology support to other departments within the company and cooperate with each other to jointly achieve the company's overall strategic goals.

Job Requirements:

1. Familiar with material inspection standards and procedures, familiar with the processing technology and quality requirements of various hardware;

2. Experience in equipment manufacturing industry, will use various inspection tools, can understand the drawings;

3. The machining center equipment also has considerable knowledge and understanding of lathe, milling machine, and grinder equipment.

4. Familiar with ISO9000/ROHS and SPC and can lead the application;

5. Proficient in transportation supplies management methods, detection methods, measurement tools.

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