General Ledger Accountant

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the company's overall accounting work, general ledger business processing, combing and continuous improvement of the financial system system;

2. More than 5 years of overall financial work experience, financial experience in industrial manufacturing enterprises, skilled use of K3ERP (general ledger, receivable management module, payable management module, cashier management module, supply chain module, fixed assets, inventory cost accounting) Module, report management module, etc.), and finally complete the monthly financial accounting, reconciliation verification and settlement in the K3ERP system;

3. Responsible for the filling of financial data for the company's government project declaration, the reporting of the municipal statistics bureau, the accounting processing of national high-tech enterprises, the planning and collection of different stages of research and development expense and capitalization;

4. Familiar with Chinese-foreign joint venture companies, Chinese-foreign cooperative company's account handling and familiar with practical experience in tax-related matters of tax exemption, credit, refund and foreign trade export tax rebate;

5. Proficiency in the declaration and filling of various tax types, additional deduction applications, the ability to cooperate with the firm to complete the annual financial audit report and final settlement report, etc.; those with embedded software immediate tax refund experience and tax planning ability are preferred ;

6. Certain ability of continuous self-learning and adaptability, and constantly master and be familiar with accounting standards, tax laws and other relevant financial regulations.

Job requirements: 

1. Major in accounting and financial management, bachelor degree or above;

2. At least 5 years of working experience in the financial general ledger position, working experience in listed companies and industrial enterprises is preferred;

3. Familiar with the financial processing of accounting standards, accounting regulations and tax laws, skilled use of financial and office software;

4. Strong ability in cost management, risk control and financial analysis;

5. Good organization, coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit.

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