Electrical Engineer

Job Responsibilities :

1. According to the product process and control requirements of mechanical design, complete the design of the automation system;

2. Familiar with various sensor, PLC, touch screen, frequency converter and other electrical components selection and circuit design work;

3. Guide the on-site installation, commissioning, electrical fault handling and equipment improvement and optimization of the equipment; produce technical documents, user manuals and other relevant documents.

Job requirements:

1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above (985/211 college preferred), electrical automation, mechatronics, electronic engineering and other related majors;

2. Have more than 5 years of relevant work experience, familiar with knowledge of electrical principles, basic knowledge of electrical components, PLC (European system), man-machine interface, double service system, servo control;

3. Familiar with the standardization of electronic files and understand the principle of mechanical transmission;

4. Skilled use of professional electrical design software;

5. Good communication and execution skills, excellent teamwork spirit;

6. Experience in equipment design in the semiconductor industry, or English communication skills is preferred.

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Contact Number:0755-28329660(雷先生)
Address: No. 1, Jikang Road, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen